Plant Spirit Medicine

“With Plant Spirit Medicine, we enter the dream of nature in order to restore ourselves to harmony and balance. Our ancestors lived their lives in this dream of nature—an existence in which there is no illusion of separation from nature. What we need is an opening to the memory of who we are. Plant Spirit Medicine restores us to this state of grace, which is our birthright.” - Eliot Cowan

Plant Spirit Medicine is one name for a shaman’s way with plants. This practice was rediscovered

in the West by Eliot Cowan, author of the book Plant Spirit Medicine and a fully initiated shaman (Tsaurirrikame) in the Huichol Indian tradition.

Plant Spirit Medicine is a form of energy medicine. It calls upon the extraordinary healing power of plant spirits to find the source of a person’s imbalance, and provide them what they most fundamentally need. This holistic practice results in a deeply effective and profound form of healing that works on the body, mind & spirit, enlivening people and helping them find happiness with their lives.


Plant Spirit Medicine has something for everyone. The plant spirits have an enormous capacity to touch a person’s being on a very deep level, slipping past accumulated layers of defensiveness or fear so that the most necessary healing can happen. The effects of Plant Spirit Medicine are unique to each person, but what it offers all of us is a deeper knowing of ourselves and the peace, joy and healing that that brings.


The process begins with a thorough interview including a review of your health concerns, health history, and a brief physical examination to help determine how best to help you. Your first appointment typically takes about 2 hours.

Follow-up sessions are one hour. For the first month or two, follow-up sessions will most likely be scheduled weekly, but as your healing progresses, the time between sessions is lengthened.


Initial Appointment: $175.00

Follow-up Appointments (1 hour): $90.00


Series of 5 follow-up appointments: $425

Series of 10 follow-up appointments: $810

Please note:

All fees include HST.

I offer discounts to seniors, students, and others who do not have the means to pay full fees.

To book an appointment, contact Monika.


“Without doing battle, without making the disease the enemy, the spirits of nature have offered to bring us out of the dream of strife into the dream of wholeness.” - Eliot Cowan

To listen to an interview with Eliot Cowan on Plant Spirit Medicine, please click here. To read the transcript of this interview, please click here.