Inner-Knowing Counselling


"You do not need to search outside of yourself to find your truth.
Everything you need, you already have."

 Inner-Knowing Counselling can help bring you to recognize that you already have everything you need, right now, to live your truth: to know your path and purpose; to be connected to the flow of your own life; to live in joy and wonder.

Many of us received the message when we were very young that our essential self was somehow defective, and that expressing the truth of who we are can lead to rejection and abandonment. We moved away from living in our heart-expression, to living in the mind. We begin to think ourselves into the world, instead of feeling out from our heart presence: our essential truth.

But the mind can never know the complexity and wonder of the soul, and our lives can become a self-constructed prison.

The separation from our truth causes us profound suffering.

It is only when we are living fully the truth of our heart that we can know true joy and connection to the oneness and beauty of our world. When we know the voice of our heart we know our path and purpose. We can walk that path and feel empowered and at peace at last.

Through Inner-Knowing Counselling you can learn to once again be guided by the unique voice of your heart, your soul, your truth.


1.5 hour: $125

Please note:
All fees include HST.
I offer discounts to seniors, students, and others who do not have the means to pay full fees.

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