Living Earth School of Herbalism


Living Earth School of Herbalism provides quality education in Western herbalism and related subjects for those who wish to learn more for their own personal benefit, or who wish to pursue a career in this field. Living Earth offers workshops and online courses for the general public as well as professional training for herbalists, other practitioners, and employees of the herbal and natural health products industry.

Our courses and programs were developed by herbalist Michael Vertolli, the director and primary instructor of Living Earth School of Herbalism. Michael has practiced and conducted empirical research in Western herbalism since 1986.

Living Earth courses and programs are recognized by the Ontario Herbalists Association (OHA). The OHA standards are recognized throughout North America. Graduates of the Traditional Herbalist program are eligible for professional membership in the OHA and to use the Registered Herbalist (RH) designation as long as they remain a member in good standing.

Our Philosophy

Courses and programs offered by Living Earth are based on the philosophy and practice of traditional Western herbalism. The curriculum consists of a modern synthesis of traditional European and North American traditions, incorporating current advances in physiology and other elements of modern medical science. We recognize that there is an incredible wealth of valuable information that has become available through these disciplines. Some of this information is relevant to the practice of traditional herbalism, but much of it is not as it is based on a fundamentally different understanding of the nature of health and the healing process than that of holistic healing traditions.

At Living Earth, we do not subscribe to the reductionistic and materialistic bias of the modern medicine. Advances in medical science that are important to the practice of herbalism are incorporated into a traditional, holistic paradigm rather than attempting to incorporate herbalism into a reductionistic medical paradigm.

Our philosophy is holistic and organismic, recognizing the importance of all levels of human functioning and experience (biochemical, physiological, emotional, mental, social, spiritual, etc.). The focus is on helping people to achieve a greater level of health and well-being, not just the elimination of symptoms at the physiological level. Within the holistic paradigm, people are the focus, not diseases. This philosophy is the cornerstone of all courses and programs offered by Living Earth.

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Michael Vertolli, Program Director


Monika Ghent, Instructor & Academic Support


Lianna Vargas, Student Liaison & Admin Coordinator