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Acupressure Facial Toning

Qi is the vitality or energy inherent in every human being. It is carried throughout the body in invisible channels or pathways called meridians that link together every part of the body, internally and externally.

Acupressure involves the stimulation with finger pressure of specific points of the meridian system to free and direct the flow of Qi within the body thereby improving its level and quality.

Stimulation of the skincare meridian points on the face releases energy blocks, tightens the facial muscles and promotes stronger skin. This improves the tone and texture of the skin leaving it looking more youthful and healthy.


Organic Herbal Facial with Acupressure Facial Toning: $125

Foot or hand massage with facial: $15

Foot and hand massage with facial: $25


Package of 5 treatments: $590*

Package of 10 treatment: $1,125**


*Packages of 5 treatments must be used within 10 months from date of purchase.

**Packages of 10 treatments must be used within 15 months from date of purchase.