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Do you long for a deeper connection with the plant people?

How did our ancestors learn about the healing and spiritual properties of plants? Through trial and error exclusively? If that’s so, one wonders how we ever make it this far.

Indigenous healers all over the world have always known that plants are conscious, intelligent, alive, and have learned directly from the plants what medicine they have for their people.  

Plants want to share their medicine with us. They speak to all of us all the time; we need only learn how to listen. Have you ever had the experience of being drawn to a particular plant or tree? If so, it’s most likely that it has teachings, wisdom and healing that it wants to give you.

I'm teaching a Plant Spirit Journeying workshop on Saturday, July 14th in which participants will learn how to easily and effectively connect with the spirit of plants and learn directly from them. They will meet and forge a deep relationship with a particular plant ally that will call to them and offer its medicine and gifts.

Tapping into the spiritual wisdom of plants and developing a two-way communication with them is a deeply rich and transformative experience. It gives us the physical, emotional and spiritual support we need on our unique healing journeys. It also helps bring us back to the remembering of our sacred relationship to the Earth and the unity of all of life.